Looking to meet other Swingers?

While our parties are the ideal venue for meeting new “playmates”, we understand that sometimes you want one-on-one (or two-on-two or one-on-two…) play. Or you may want to find someone to bring to a party. Either way, Lifestyle or Swinging Boards can help.

What is a Lifestyle or Swinging Board?

Like a “dating” service, a Lifestyle Board helps you meet others with similar interests. Unlike a dating service, most swingers are not looking for long-term relationships (though, there are many exceptions!) but, rather, are seeking a “playmate” or someone with which to share an experience. (Okay, yes, most are looking to have SEX.)

Which Lifestyle Board to join?

While many lifestylers are members of more than one swinging board, each board has its own “flavor”, its own quirks, its own advantages and disadvantages. Some people swear by one board over another, others can’t stand board “A” but love board “B”… to each their own, everyone has their own taste.

Personally, I think a lot of it depends on how well their fist encounter from that board goes, or how hard it was to set up that fist encounter.

We are personally on several boards, and like each for different reasons (one has better party notices, another we’ve been more successful meeting new people, one lets us fine-tune our searches better, one tells us more about their preferences…).


No matter which board or boards you choose, complete your profile! Put some time and thought into your answers, be frank, if you don’t like something say it, if you do like something say that!

Include good recent pictures. (Note that is PLURAL “pictureS“.) And not some foggy pictures, take new ones if you need too (and yes, your phone is adequate, you don’t need a fancy camera). If you are a couple include pictures of both of you! Yes, people do want to see what the male half of a couple looks like before they contact you!

However, males, please, please, we beg of you, not just your penis! Everyone has seen more than enough penis pictures. I don’t care if it is three feet long and as thick as a fire-hose, show more than just your dick. (Okay, if it’s that long, you may have to have someone holding the camera further back for you! Waah!).

(Ladies, you’re not off the hook. We need to see more than your pretty bubble-butt or the boobies you’ve purchased!)

Here are some boards we recommend considering: