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What is a Rose Party?

What is an Anything Goes Rose Party? It is a little bit of everything, more intimate than most, with a mix of couples, single ladies, and single guys. It is couples swapping, gang bangs, bi-play (male and female)… a fun time where you can come and just observe the play or participate. We’ve helped people experience their first time being “air tight” (a cock in every hole!), first anal play, first DP, first party,first time a lady watched (or “forced”) their husband to suck cock, first time riding a Sybian or experiencing a PalmPower, first time playing at a party, first g*ng b*ng, first bi-play, first time cumming on someone, first threesomes, first time eating or watching someone eat cum off a lady’s chest… lots of first times! What will your first be?! We fulfilled an amazing special request at the last party! Let’s keep them cumming.

Do you have a special request? If so, let us know! (Even if it is something you don’t want to experience in a group, we may still be able to assist.)

Only 7pm-10pm, Only Three Hours? Yes, our parties run around three hours, unlike a lot of parties we try not to spend all night just sitting around talking. Once everyone has arrived, we get our parties started off with introductions, and then leap right into playtime! We try to make every moment count.

OMG! You have bi-guys at your parties! Will I catch something?! No, you won’t catch anything. Yes, we allow bi-male and bi-female play at our parties. No, there are no taboos, so whatever makes you comfortable. Everyone knows to ask first, and our parties are a safe environment for everyone to play (or even just watch). In fact, the majority of play, at our parties, is straight play. Our philosophy supports everyone having a good time.